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Hungry Monk Suppliers

Here at the Hungry Monk we source our food carefully.  We have great fresh food suppliers on our doorstep here in Co. Mayo and neighbouring Galway.

We work closely with our suppliers to have vegetables in season and to create recipes around the best available produce. We buy our supplies from local providers including fish, meat, vegetables, wine and Coffee.

We are proud of our cooking but much of the credit has to go to the ingredients.

Sourced locally, Served Lovingly means just that – although many of our customers have travelled extensively, our food has not!

Hungry Monk Cong Suppliers

Gannet Fishmonger, Galway

Bean West, Westport (Coffee)

Cases Wines, Galway

Kelly’s of Newport (Butchers).

Fior Uisce Tourmaceady (Bottled Water).

Cheesemonger Co. Wicklow (Our Coolattin Cheese Supplier).